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Why Set SMART Goals?

It’s that time … the new year is almost here and you feel compelled to set New Year’s Resolutions. But New Year’s Resolutions are often hard to keep. How can you set and keep your goals this time?

Most of us set goals to improve our lives. We can relate goals to personal or professional progress. Without goals, there’s not much room for advancement and without the challenge of reaching a goal, life would be stagnant.  Although, we’re each responsible for following through on our goals, how we set them helps determine how successful they’ll be. Instead of vague New Year’s Resolutions, set SMART goals.

What Are SMART Goals?

The term SMART Goals is a method to set goals with greater success. SMART is an acronym that stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time Bound

When you set SMART goals, you organize, focus, and get clarity on your goals. Research shows that using the SMART goals method can save you time and make it easier to reach your goals. SMART goals are easy to implement and anyone with the desire to improve their life by setting and achieving goals can use them.

Why Setting SMART Goals Works

The SMART Goals method of goal setting works because it lays each step out for you to make success more likely.

The S stands for specific, meaning the goal needs to be clear and specific. When setting a goal for yourself, steer away from generalized statements such as “make more money”. The more precise the goal is the better. Set the amount of money you want to make this year instead.

M is for measurable. Measurable refers to tracking your progress. Your goal will be easier to meet if you assess progress along the way. Tracking your goal gives you more motivation and focus. Decide how you will track your goal, such as checking off progress each day in your daily planner or using your project management tool.

Next is A for attainable. Although your goals should help stretch you outside your comfort zone and push you to the next level, it’s important the goals you set remain achievable. Don’t make them so high that they’re completely out of your grasp!

R is for relevant goals, which is so important for success. The goals you set should be important to you and align well with your life and other goals you have set. If you’re excited about your goals and they fit into your life, you are more likely to follow through.

Finally, T is for time bound. Your goals need a deadline for you to meet them. Deadlines will help keep you on track and focused. Plus, they give you opportunities to celebrate your small wins along the way.

By implementing the SMART Goals system, you will achieve your goals faster and be more successful at meeting them. If you need help setting goals and making your plans for the year, check out my Strategic Planning VIP Day here. Establish your priorities with a streamlined 90-day plan plus a strategic plan for your 2021 year.

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