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Set Goals Within Reach

The A in SMART Goals, stands for attainable. Although the goals you set should stretch you out of your comfort zone and excite you, set goals within reach.  If a goal is impossible to achieve, your efforts are futile. It is unproductive to put your time and energy toward a goal that will never be met. You will end up losing motivation and feel like giving up if you aren’t able to succeed. Instead, be sure to set a goal you can accomplish, to keep focus and motivation, and experience success.

Keep Success in Mind

Set attainable goals with success in mind. For example, you may want to set a goal to read more business books this year. Your goal might be, “I will read a business-related book every night before bed for 20 minutes, with my goal to finish one business book per month.” This goal is attainable because what you’re asking of yourself is reasonable and achievable. The goal also only involves one person – you – who will follow through to ensure success.

Setting Milestone Goals

Setting milestone goals can help you be successful. Milestone goals are small goals set along the way to your larger goal. For the example above, a milestone goal could be to check in with yourself once a week. Making yourself accountable is a great way to stay on track. If you have followed through with your goal for the week, reading your business book for 20 minutes every evening, you will know you are making progress toward your goal.

As we already know, tracking or measuring your progress helps with success. A project management tool such as Plutio or a simple habit tracker can help. Keep your goals challenging and set goals in reach and you will be on your way success this year.

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