• The Training You Need to Grow Your Business
    There are so many business training courses to choose from out there. So how do you choose the training you need to grow your business? Imagine a business mentor you admire handing you a syllabus with the exact classes you should take to design a plan for growth … classes to develop the skills you […]
  • Actively Review Your Goals
    Studies show that putting your SMART goals in writing and reviewing them regularly will increase your chance of success. Some studies show that you are as much as 42% more likely to follow through with your goals if you write them down! Writing your goals down helps you get a clear picture of your plan […]
  • Set a Deadline for Your Goal
    A deadline is an important motivator when you’re goal setting. That’s why the T in SMART Goals refers to time bound. When you set a deadline for your goal, you are better able to stay on track, focus on, and work towards it. Deadlines also help with time management, making your goal easier to accomplish. […]
  • Make Your Goals Worthwhile
    Relevance is the R in the SMART Goals method of goal setting. This part of setting a goal is crucial because it ensures the goal is important to you. There’s no point in putting time and effort into a goal that doesn’t matter. Goals should drive you towards something significant. Make your goals worthwhile. Ask […]
  • Set Goals Within Reach
    The A in SMART Goals, stands for attainable. Although the goals you set should stretch you out of your comfort zone and excite you, set goals within reach.  If a goal is impossible to achieve, your efforts are futile. It is unproductive to put your time and energy toward a goal that will never be […]
  • How Will You Measure Goal Progress?
    Measuring your progress for the goals you’ve set is the second part of the SMART Goals method. You won’t know if you’re making progress or gaining traction on your goal without a way to measure it. Measure goal progress so you can track how far you’ve come, keep focused, and stay motivated by celebrating each […]