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Actively Review Your Goals

Studies show that putting your SMART goals in writing and reviewing them regularly will increase your chance of success. Some studies show that you are as much as 42% more likely to follow through with your goals if you write them down! Writing your goals down helps you get a clear picture of your plan and what you want to accomplish. Logging your goals also helps motivate you to complete the tasks necessary to succeed. Actively review your goals to remind you of your plan and your why, boosting your motivation to keep progressing towards them.

Write Down Your Goals

Writing your goals down as you set them will help your brain encode the plan, further solidifying your goal. The mere act of writing an idea down makes you more likely to remember it. This is the reason college students take notes in lectures. Note taking gives you a much higher probability of remembering the information. Similarly, when you set your goal in writing, you have a better chance of success.

After writing out your goal, be sure to place it where you can see it easily. On the fridge, on your phone, on a mirror, or at your desk are all excellent areas where you can easily see your goal. You’ll be reminded and motivated to continue with your efforts.

Actively Review Your Goals

You should also take time to actively review your goals. Regularly, actively reviewing your written goals will increase your chance of success. An active review of your goal should include contemplating the reasons behind your goal (your why). Thinking of the reasons you set each goal will remind you why the goal matters to you, why you set it, and what you expect to gain from it. Reviewing your goal will give you renewed purpose and motivation, ultimately increasing your likelihood of success.

Countless studies find that writing out your goals produces higher success rates. Placing the words you’ve written in an easily accessible spot and actively reviewing your goals will also help ensure that you follow through with them.

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