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Tech Packages

  • Reviewing your tech stack
  • Putting together solutions for your automation needs and setting up your tech so you don’t have to
  • Training your team on how to work with your tech
  • If it’s your membership clients who need tech help, hire Kimberly as a monthly Guest Tech Expert

Planning and Launching

  • Helping with your 90-day planning and prioritizing your goals
  • Step-by-step plans for your launches
  • Launch the programs, products, services, and/or podcasts you’ve been dreaming of

The Whole Enchilada

For a few VIP clients, managing the whole enchilada – your team, projects, operations, and metrics every month – so you can concentrate on your genius work, such as coaching or creating

Here to help!

If you are looking for a reliable, Certified Online Business Manager with whom you share your mind and get the best business advice you’ve been looking for, Kimberly is here to help. Kimberly brings with her many years of experience offering writing, editing, social media/marketing management, and tech services, plus a background in music, theatre, education, and administrative services.

kimberly charron head shot - certified online business manager

Why Choose Kimberly?

  • Tech & Automation Queen
  • Podcast Manager & Consultant
  • Passionate & Dedicated
  • Honest & Direct
  • Genius with Systems & SOPs
  • Team Player

Compliments from Clients

Kimberly is SUPER RESPONSIVE!!!! She saved me when I was in a bind!!!! She was not only super fast, but her expertise in WordPress, landing pages, MailChimp, and internet marketing greatly enhanced what I was already doing!

Frederic Gray

I call Kimberly the tech tool queen who can figure anything out, keep my online office organized and functioning, and make my podcast reach the far ends of the earth. Always a pleasure!

Sally Hendrick

kimberly charron certified obm

Why Hire a Certified Online Business Manager?

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant or an Online Business Manager?

You know you need help, but you aren’t sure … do you need a VA or an OBM? To help you decide, let’s look at the key differences between a VA (Virtual Assistant) and an OBM (Online Business Manager).
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